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Hello, glad you stopped by! I’ve been doing this photo & video thing professionally for the past 9 years, covering events, weddings, and corporate all over the Northern VA area. I first found my love for shooting many years ago, and decided to make it my living in early 2009. The idea & goal was pretty simple, make my passion my business and hope what I do is unique and looks real.

Cameras and cell phone photo apps are very popular. But I believe exceptional images are much more than a cool iPhone pic with an effect done in an app (although I do that too). Being a great photographer requires skill and technique, which can take years to develop and refine.

I’ve always thought my photographic style for photos and film is a product of my life as a musician and creative person, which blend in my approach. All my years of experience as a photographer, videographer, and musician have shaped my style into one that always looks to do it differently.

Choosing your photographer is an important choice. If you choose my services, you get someone who strives for great results with professionalism, personality and passion. And I’ll will share with you my positive, respectful, and easy to work with attitude during your photo and video experience.

Thanks for visiting!

“I think good dreaming is what leads to good photographs…”

Thanks for visiting
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Thanks for visiting
Come back soon!

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